In We Are Gatekeepers veteran nurse Jaimee Gerrie calls upon her colleagues to look anew at the crucial role that they have in the life and death journey of patients as well as fellow caregivers. When she writes that nurses "have the obligation to own who we are..." she knows whereof she speaks -- and she speaks from a place of experience, competence, and compassion. Jaimee has seen it all and in her book she tells you what you need to know. We Are Gatekeepers is an indispensable guide to everyone who wants to be not only a good nurse, but like Jaimee herself, a great one.

                                                          -Erie Chapman, MTS, JD

                                         Best Selling Author, Radical Loving Care

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 With the US nursing shortage anticipated to grow to more than a quarter of a million by 2025,1  retention of registered nurses (RNs) has never been more important.  Shortages in this decade are already staggering in the area of  medical/surgical care, with a 14.1% national vacancy rate.2  As national turnover trends increase, nurses will become more mobile and  more difficult to replace. Vacancy rates have wide-ranging impacts,  including closed beds, restricted admissions, decreased quality of care,  and higher costs to deliver care.3 The direct costs for recruiting replacement RNs is conservatively estimated at $10,000 per vacancy.3 

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